The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me on my journey! I’ve taken a year off from corporate America to travel the world with my (adorable) boyfriend, Jason. We were living and working in San Francisco and needed some heart and mind space to figure out what we want from the second half of our lives. I know, I know – unheard of, right?! Who has the privilege of taking an entire year off? Due to the incredible support of coworkers, mentors, friends and family we saw some success and now we want to reap the benefits of our hard work.

It didn’t come easy. It was 25 years of nonstop effort to get to where we are at today. The longest amount I’ve taken off from work since I was 15 years old is 2 weeks.

It’s time. For a mental break. An opportunity to listen to that small voice in my heart that’s pushing me to SLOWWWWW DOOOOWWWWWN. I’m not sure how this will go, considering that the adjectives used to describe me would be: efficient, strong willed (a nice way of saying bossy, I prefer bossy) and independent. This stage of my life will be about peace, play and generally just doing whatever I want to do at any point.

Maybe our journey can be a fun distraction from your current moment or a way to help you follow your own heart. Join me as I write about going the the intensity of corporate America to the reality of what it’s like to truly slow down.

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